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10:56 am June 14, 2024

Inspiring Story of the Week

Amit Bhalla is a chartered accountant. He started his career from PWC where he joined as an article for 3 years training. He worked as a statutory auditor in various MNCs in Gurgaon PWC office. He had a rare opportunity to experience how these companies were working and growing. Later in the career, he thought of getting into an entrepreneurship and started his brand in Atta Industry. He started his brand with the name of Parshada. Parshada is currently operational majorly in selected cities of Punjab like Amritsar, Jalandhar, Beas and other majha areas. Parshada is primarily dealing in Millets Atta and Choker Atta. The specialisation of Parshada is that they make atta with the use of traditional method of grinding using pahari stones. The pahari pathar rotates at 150 RPM, but these days mostly atta is made with emery stones having an RPM of 500 that makes atta unhealthy. This is the revolution by parshada that is making people healthy and disease free.
The vision of Parshada is to make people aware of the quality of choker atta. They noticed that in North India, most people have been habitual of eating white atta which is not good for gut health. Their vision is to get the same culture of eating choker atta, our ancestors were used to. Parshada has recently been funded by HNIs and have got the substantial valuation on paper. Parshada Atta is available through Parshada App. They have future plans of starting in Ludhiana, Chandigarh Tri City and moving further to Delhi NCR.

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